Recording your Noises
The studios are located in Kings Cross, London: convenient for shops,trains, busses, whores and crack dealers.

Generally we're doing Techno / Tech house / Progressive House / Electro but Also enjoy "modernising"  bands' sounds; giving good tunes a touch of the 21st century.
Of course, we will gladly just record you in all your 'natural' glory if u prefer.

In case you're interested, recent work includes: Blu Peter / REACT, Jim Masters / Ultimate Base, Ariel and Surveillance

Recording Studio Spec.

MIXING DESK:-Mackie 32ch 8bus with about 8 billion inputs (sorry, 76 actually)
MONITORING:-Yamaha NS 10m powered by Quad 303 / JBL 4425 powered by Omniphonics s300.

RECORDING:-PC hard disk 4in/10out and Sony DTC 1000ES DAT, CD mastering / recording.
SEQUENCER:-Atari 1040st running Cubase or Notator / Logic, PC available, Mac by arrangement.

SAMPLER:-Akai S3000XL 32 meg / Akai S6000 48meg

DIGITAL:-Roland D70, Roland JV2080, Roland R8
ANALOGUE:-Roland SH101 (very modified), MC202, TB303 (modified) x 2, TR606, TR909, EMS VCS3 (THE PUTNEY)

OUTBOARD:-Lexicon PCM80, TC electronics D2 delay, Roland SRV330, SDE330, Yamaha SPX1000, Roland SRV2000, Korg DRV 2000, SDD 1200, Kenton Pro2

DYNAMICS PROC :- Compressors: TL Audio C1 Stereo Valve  / Valley People 440 / Joe Meek SC2 / Drawmer DL251,  DL241,  LX20
                                    Drawmer DS201 gates x2

SOURCES:-Technics SL1210 x 2, Numark 1475, Sony DTC 1000es DAT

LIVE ROOM (By Arrangement):-drum kit, guitar and bass amps + 2k rig (if you ask nicely)

MASTERING to:- DAT, CD, Cassette or we could just e-mail an MP3 to your Mum if you like.

Rates from £150/day.

PHONE: 020-7837-2009 FAX: 020-7837-3009