Recording your Noises
The studio is located in Kings Cross, London: convenient for shops,trains, busses, whores and crack dealers.

Generally we're doing Techno / Tech house / Progressive House / Electro but Also enjoy "modernising"  bands' sounds; giving good tunes a touch of the 21st century.
Of course, we will gladly just record you in all your 'natural' glory if that's what you're looking for.

In case you're interested, recent work includes: Blu Peter / REACT, Jim Masters / Ultimate Base, Ariel and Surveillance

Recording Studio Spec.

MIXING DESK:-Mackie 32ch 8bus with about 8 billion inputs (sorry, 76 actually)
MONITORING:-Yamaha NS 10m powered by Quad 303 / JBL 4425 powered by Omniphonics s300.

RECORDING:-PC hard disk 4in/10out/64trk and Sony DTC 1000ES DAT, CD mastering / recording.
SEQUENCER:-Atari 1040st running Cubase or Notator / Logic, PC available, Mac by arrangement.

SAMPLER:-Akai S3000XL 32 meg / Akai S6000 48meg

DIGITAL:-Roland D70, Roland JV2080, Roland R8
ANALOGUE:-Roland SH101 (very modified), MC202, TB303 (modified) x 2, TR606, TR909, EMS VCS3 (THE PUTNEY)

OUTBOARD:-Lexicon PCM80, TC electronics D2 delay, Roland SRV330, SDE330, Yamaha SPX1000, Roland SRV2000, Korg DRV 2000, SDD 1200, Kenton Pro2

DYNAMICS PROC :- Compressors: TL Audio C1 Stereo Valve  / Valley People 440 / Joe Meek SC2 / Drawmer DL251,  DL241,  LX20
                                    Drawmer DS201 gates x2

SOURCES:-Technics SL1210 x 2, Numark 1475, Sony DTC 1000es DAT

LIVE ROOM (By Arrangement):-drum kit, guitar and bass amps + 2k rig (if you ask nicely)

MASTERING to:- DAT, CD, Cassette or we could just e-mail an MP3 to your Mum if you like.

Rates from £150/day.

PHONE: 020-7837-2009 FAX: 020-7837-3009