Track Title Artist Title Label Stuff Catlg# Givitaspin!
A Kiss FoS Entity Crazy Breakbeats, lush atmospheres and those funny little Bulgarian singers. Those who heard it remember it fondly. EXT444
Ice Cream for Acid Choci and Scrape Chocis Chewns This was the first tune to be made in the studio set up by FoS behind Chocis Chewns record shop. ZOO1
Free your Mind FoS Chocis Chewns A bit of experimentation brought about a super-chilled-out dub mix. Not the sort of thing the label was known for but fine if you like dancing flat on your back with a big doobie. Later released on CD and vinyl compilation 'New smoking Clasics' on Hypoxia records. CC002
Trancition FoS and Choci Aura Made at a time when Trance was still more about being in a state of mind than about being in a state. AUSS003
Wake Up The Chocolate Factory Chocis Chewns Choci Shouting CC003
The Concept of Roundness and Neuro-Umbilical Energy FoS and Choci Aura Naturally this had the longest name of any of the tracks with which it shared a compilation. Freud would no doubt have something to say about how this relates to the ego. AUSS008
Feel It FoS Chocis Chewns Big fat Acid lines, strings and Uplifting vocal but honest guv it ain't cheesy. Can't get hold of it now: anyone sell us a copy? CC006
Quark Angel FoS Filterless Squeaky, Bleapy techno with a sense ov humour. 8FKF12V
Airborne FoS / Rod Elephant Silver Planet Lots of good press on this one: also on the silver planet compilation. SILVER5
Rayed FoS Silver Planet Techno SILVER5
Rayed (Blu Peter mix) FoS / Blu Peter Silver Planet wooo! SILVER5
Marijuana Song FoS / Inkiwan Blue Planet On the compilation 'State of the Nu-Art 2'. If you want to sing along the words go: Smoke weed, smoke grass, smoke marij... you get the idea. Plan14
Blue Air (FoS mix) Blu Peter / FoS REACT Out in Jan '99 REACT